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Who is Team Billy Taylor, REALTORS®?

Individual Commitment to a Common Goal

We are a team with individual commitment to a group goal.  We understand that the transaction you do today could last a lifetime with a longstanding impact on your family and business.  We help our clients navigate complex real estate matters.  We combine our professional and personal networks, broad range of real estate and sales experience, and knowledge of the local area to ensure each client receives the information and knowledge they need to make important financial decisions about their properties.

Local History and Knowledge and Experience

We are not just a team of realtors. Our agents are both locals and long time residents with history in the area.  We know the area and communities. We know the trends in growth and what impact future development of roads and infrastructure will have on real estate opportunities. We keep abreast of economic indicators, tourism and of course, changes in zoning and regulations.  We also have unique experience in land development, slope development and complex real estate considerations that can delay or hinder projects and real estate transactions.

Latest in Digital Marketing Technology

As a Team, we also use the latest technology and innovation in our real estate practice.  We understand the importance of online search, social media, and digital marketing tools in promoting and marketing real estate on behalf of our clients.  We keep abreast of sales and marketing digital tools and utilize them to provide a competitive advantage.

Leader in Real Estate Sales

Our experience, knowledge and network are demonstrated in our results.  Since March 2020, our team has consistently been a "Top 10 Producer" of Beverly-Hanks Real Estate as a whole.


Our founder and Team Leader, Billy Taylor, 

Billy has been part of the Beverly-Hanks Chairman Sales Circle (over $10 million in sales) since 2015.

Since Team Billy Taylor was created 2nd quarter of 2020, we've assisted 337 buyers and sellers with a sold volume of $155+ million. 


Simply put, we work hard for you.

About Billy Taylor

Billy Taylor bought his first property at the age of 18 which is no surprise if you know Billy personally or professionally.  Billy grew up on Taylor Ranch, a 5th generation quarter horse and Texas Longhorn Cattle Ranch turned event venue located on Cane Creek in Fairview, NC.  His love of the land started as a child watching his father work the ranch and later helping him carry on the ranch tradition.  He later learned to grade property as his father taught him, to maintain the beautiful landscape without violating the natural contours.  It should be no surprise that when he became a realtor with Beverly-Hanks in 2011, he would apply the same love of the land to his real estate practice and would quickly excel in his new role.

Billy is also the founder and developer of The Farm at Cane Creek, The Farm at Mills River and Cedar Cliff Village

Continuing his real estate sales success led to Billy opening Team Billy Taylor, REALTORS® office, a division of Beverly-Hanks Realtors, in March 2020.  The office is located on Hendersonville Road in Fletcher, NC  and will better meet the needs of clients and continue the positive sales success his clients have become accustomed to.


At the mere age of 40, Billy already has 15+ years of construction, development and real estate experience, and holds Real Estate licenses in North Carolina and South Carolina. He has quickly turned into the front-runner for real estate success in Western North Carolina.


We invite you to join Team Billy Taylor Realtors as a client or as a successful member of our Team.

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